Production of dairy products and ice cream "OGOSTA"

What do we offer?

Cream ice cream with chocolate flavor -100% milk -18% carbohydrates -Gluten-free
Strawberry-flavored cream ice cream -100% milk -12g protein -Without sugar

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Awarded a gold medal and a diploma for quality and original market product.

 on BDS 12:2010 – 3.6%

on BDS 12:2010 – 2%

Who we are?


VOYNOV I S-IE Ltd. is a Bulgarian dairy processing company with many years of experience in the production of dairy products, which began its activities in 1994. The head office and production company of the company are located in Montana, and our regional offices and warehouses are in the cities of Montana and Sofia. 

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вече и във верига магазини Фантастико!

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